Sidecar Series

Ritual & Craft’s Sidecar Series is a photo
series dedicated to some of the best craft cocktails, out and about.

Old Orchard

Mainly focused in the Salt Lake City area, Sidecar dives into the world of bartenders, cocktail tips and tricks, and the community that craft cocktails create outside of the homebar. But don’t worry, each post includes a recipe you can create at home.


The Fox Trot • OP Rockwell • Park City
Coffee Cocktail • Bar X • Salt Lake City
Old Orchard • Trio Cafe • Salt Lake City
The Antoinette • Current Fish & Oyster • Salt Lake City
Two Cocktails from Bar X • Beehive Distilling • Salt Lake City
#10amCocktails • Zest Kitchen & Bar • Salt Lake City
HSL Craft Cocktails • Salt Lake City
Vermouth Cocktails and Education • Under Current • Salt Lake City
Amari Cocktails and Education • Under Current • Salt Lake City
Negroni Cocktail Menu • Stanza • Salt Lake City
Craft Cocktails & Bites • Martine • Salt Lake City
Table X Craft Cocktails & Dinner • Table X • Salt Lake City
Water Witch Bar • USBG Arizona Cocktail Week Competition
Honest John Bitters • The Rest
Chefdance Cocktails • Snake Oil Cocktail Company at Sundance 2016
Nickel Bar at Firewood • Park City
Flight at Bite • Stanza Italian Bistro • Salt Lake City
Encore Bistro Cocktails at Eccles Theater • Salt Lake City
Lady Bartenders Compete in Speedrack • Jess Sandberg | Carly Bringhurst
Tradition • Salt Lake City