Ritual & Craft Homebar Recipes

Check out Ritual & Craft Cocktail Recipes by base spirit.
Recipes were either created by Chelsea Nelson,
or members of Ritual & Craft Cocktail Club.

I Woke Up Like 'Dis


The Postscript
Classic Gin Fizz
Summer Sunset
Corpse Reviver #2
I Woke Up Like ‘Dis • Jackrabbit Gin
The City Creek • Jackrabbit Gin • Foraged Elderflower
Spanish Gin & Tonic • Video Tutorial


The Spicy Pepino
Serrano Sling • Soltado Tequila
Tequila Afterglow • VIDA Tequila
Vanilla Ginger Snap • VIDA Tequila • Dessert Cocktail

Rye Pomegranate Punch • Templeton Rye
Dark and Rye • Bulleit • Drizly
Salami Get This Straight • High West Double Rye • Creminelli
Maple Bacon/Brown Butter Old Fashioned • High West Double Rye
Sazerac • Sazerac Rye
The Winter Brunswick Flip • Rye and Grapefruit
The Lovebird Cocktail • Rye and Chambord for DRIZLY
Blood Orange Manhattan • Blood Orange Simple Syrup


The Apple Clause • Holiday Cocktail • Four Roses Bourbon
Raspberry Bourbon Cocktail • Russell Reserve • Fernet
The Kentucky Lady • Four Roses Bourbon


The Gershwin • American Juice Company
Sip n’ See • Antelope Island Rum
Cuba Libre • Brigham Rum
Blackberry Winter Tea • Dark Rum


Everything’s Peachy • American Juice Company
The Yellow Brick Road • Beehive Distilling Organic Vodka
Inauguration Day Bloody Mary • Beehive Distilling Organic Vodka #NotMyPresident


Traditional Spanish Sangria