Hi, I’m Chelsea

Chelsea Nelson

Hi. I’m Chelsea! Thanks for having a drink with me.

The ritual of creating a cocktail is one that brings me a lot of comfort. For many of the classics, it is combining the same ingredients, in the same way, time and time again. My favorite cocktail, the Negroni, is a simple 3 part cocktail that is beautiful to make, and calming to create. And its beauty is always something I want to capture in a photo. For me, the ritual and the craft of building a cocktail is one that not only brings me back to my center, but at the same time, creates for me a community of amazing people, makers, creators, doers, and laughers.

It is a ritual I always look forward to.
It is a ceremony that brings people together. 

A little about me: I am an avid home-bartender and cocktail enthusiast — and most importantly, a writer. I regularly work with national and local brands to create custom cocktails and I try to provide space for educational opportunities in my community, online and off. I take pride in being one of the leading experts in Salt Lake City on spirits and cocktail writing and photography, and have found such fulfillment in being a part of the cocktail community here locally — as well as with my cocktail buddies online, around the world. You can find much of my cocktail work here at Ritual & Craft, and you can also find my other publications HERE.

I consider myself a MAKER,
and my main goal is to inspire you to be one too,
no matter where you are.

Your own homebar is a great place to start!

Chelsea Nelson