If you follow Ritual and Craft on Instagram, you have probably seen me rave about Robb Vices boxes––luxury boxes that come in the mail and spoil me rotten.

The last box I received came with some amazing Tea Forté teas, including iced teas, hot teas, and a sweet brewing system that I have already used…so so much.

Since posting this cocktail on Instgram, I have had a lot of folks ask me about it. Mostly, people who aren’t sure about using tea in their cocktails. One of the things I loved about the Tea Forté iced teas is that they are meant to be brewed and served cold — making them exceptional for cocktails. The flavors are perfect for cold brew, and are a little sweeter.

Plus, this beautiful brewing system is pretty fun to use, looks amazing if you are brewing for guests, and is one of the prettiest things I have photographed! The tea packaging and presentation on top of that is almost too much for me! Just kidding. It’s basically perfect and beautiful. 

Check out the entire set up over at Robb Vices >>

+++Here’s the cocktail+++

Peach Whiskey Tango

2 oz whiskey or bourbon
1 oz Cynar
3 dashes Bitters Lab Burnt Honey Hops Bitters
Top with 4 oz Peach Mango Tea Forté ice tea

Stir whiskey, Cynar, and bitters over ice.
Top with tea. Serve over ice with mandarin slices. 



>>>> Thanks to Robb Vices for hooking me up with this beautiful box! <<<<


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