I’m back!

Here to talk about another really great project I had over the holiday break.

As a feminist, resister, fighter, and mother — when the chance to collaborate with Planned Parenthood Association of Utah came about, I didn’t even have to think about it.

For my entire adult life, I have been a supporter of Planned Parenthood, advocating for the important part they play in our community, and for women and families from all walks of life. So, if I can play a little part in bringing folks together to rally around women’s rights (and family and health and human rights), through cocktails, then by all means — I am 100% game.

Planned Parenthood Association of Utah created the Birds and the Beehive campaign to create awareness about women’s health in Utah.

From the campaign:

“The Talk” in Utah is a bit different than other places. From the most outrageous to the most religious, we all can agree on this: women’s health in Utah is a good thing. So, we created a hive network that works together to create an honest, inclusive, and supportive discussion about important care issues in the Beehive State. The people of Utah need to stop giving “the talk” and have “the conversation”.

Part of this campaign was to have ‘hive’ members host parties in their homes prior to the legislative session––to get people talking and actually having the “conversation” about women’s health. For those who hosted parties, a ‘party tool kit’ was created, which included cocktail and mocktail recipes, along with other items to get the party/and the conversation started. I was SO happy to create these cocktails, and then see people making them at home with their friends and networks!

The Buzzed Bee cocktail was also served at a follow-up event, Remarkably Normal: abortion stories from the 1 in 3 campaign by Jessi Blue Gormezano. This was a special one-night performance in conjunction with Salt Lake Acting Company, and all proceeds were donated to PPAU. I was honored to have my cocktail served at this event.

Also, big huge shout out to Beehive Distilling who jumped on board with my cocktail and did everything they could do support the cause! I sure love those guys.

Become a Birds and the Beehive PPAU ambassador >>

Let’s see the cocktail

The Buzzed Bee

1.5 Beehive Jack Rabbit Gin
.5 honey simple syrup
1.5 oz Fresh pomegranate juice
1 oz fresh lemon juice

Shake ingredients over ice and pour into a chilled coupe.
Top with bubbles and a fresh sage leaf.

And for the non-drinkers, a mocktail

The Sober Swarm

2 oz Pomegranate Juice
1 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz honey simple syrup

Shake over ice and pour into a chilled high ball glass. Top with 4 oz coconut sparkling water, pomegranate seeds, and one fresh sage leaf.

Honey simple syrup:

Bring equal parts honey and water to a boil and let combine, about 7 minutes. Pour into a mason jar or container. Will keep in the fridge for 2 weeks.


Thank you to everyone who hosted parties for this important campaign! The conversation has to keep happening — and I am grateful for everyone in our community who is committed to keeping women’s rights forefront in the resistance!


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