Yup, it is THAT time of the year. When the flowers are blooming, the leaves are thickening out the branches on the trees, and the sun is FINALLY coming out.

That means — you gotta have yo’self a tiki cocktail.

This little recipe I came up with is the perfect thing to get you ready for summer, backyard BBQs, and entertaining friends. I have made this for a few people now, with rave reviews — and I think YOU will like it as well.

I am calling this Ritual’s Tiki Tequlia! It is spicy, fruity, and refreshing — with some complex flavors that are pretty perfectly balanced, if I do say so myself.

Serve with a lime wedge (flame it up if you want!), a tiki stirrer, and straw. I got my awesome tiki glasses at World Market and I am sure you could find some on Amazon as well. The tiki glasses really take the fun up a notch, don’t you think?

Happy warm days ahead, friends.



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