Last week, some of my favorite folks from USBG Utah, a huge amount of talented bartenders, and friendly cocktail enthusiasts from across the city came together for the Spring Sling event — sponsored by Woodford Reserve!

You guys, what a fun night!

This is one of my favorite events of the year. Seeing awesome local cocktail creators all in one place is a pleasure, and it is a great chance to see how supportive this community is of one another. Also, the cocktail competition is so much fun to watch. It’s messy and funny, and you get to witness fast thinking, major hustling, and creative cocktail compositions right on the spot.

All of this year’s competitors are amazing and talented and I love watching them each making drinks behind the bar.

However, this time around, the winner was none other than lady-boss bartender, Carly Bringhurst — who beat out last year’s winner, Bijan Ghiai, in the very last round. It was nose to nose!

Way to go, Carly, for bringing your A game —
you were beautiful to watch!

USBG Utah Cocktail Comp Winner: Carly Bringhurst — find her at Under Current or Lake Effect!

I took A LOT of photos, so here are a few of my favorites
and some thumbnails for anyone interested in the rest.

Carly’s WINNING fizz.

Cheers to USBG Utah!

If you are a cocktail enthusiast, bartender, distiller, or the like — you should probably join as soon as possible to get in on all of the action and educational experiences that membership provides. I have really loved every USBG Utah event that I have attended, and whether you are a bartender or not — if you are into cocktails – getting involved with USBG in any state is a great idea.

AND — the COCKTAIL BOOK is coming soon!

This was such a fun project to be a part of and I promise, you’re going to want it in your sweet little hands. You can get in on the pre-sale for $30 by emailing And can I tell you how much I love that this is a riff off the local Mormon hymnal book? BRILLIANT!

photo: Jeff Thompson


All images are copyrighted by Chelsea Nelson, Ritual & Craft.

If you want to use or share any of these photos,
please feel free with proper credit.

Thank you!

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