When it comes to tequila, there is one brand
that makes the top of my list, EVERY TIME:

VIDA Tequila!

VIDA Tequila
Note the CN engraved: I die. ❤

When VIDA approached me to jump on board their 80’s cocktail creation campaign, I was SO excited! If you hadn’t heard, 80’s cocktails are making a serious comeback– but bartenders around the country are stepping them up a notch; using craft ingredients and killer presentations.

I decided that I was going to make a riff on the tequila sunrise! The tequila sunrise is a quintessential 80’s cocktail — and mostly found using run of the mill orange “juice” concentrate and a hearty helping of grenadine…and well, bottom shelf tequila.

Not this time, baby.

Tequila Afterglowritual & craft’s
Tequila Afterglow

2 oz. VIDA Tequila Anjeo
2 oz. juice from a freshly squeeze orange (usually about one medium orange)
2 dashes Bitters Lab Apricot Vanilla Bitters
2 oz. sparkling soda
1/2 tsp grenadine float (which will sink to the bottom)
Garnish with slice of orange and brandied cherry

Pour tequila, orange juice, and bitters in a shaker and shake!

Pour over crushed ice, add soda water, and the grenadine float.

VIDA TequilaChris Panarelli at OP Rockwell recently created a
few 80’s cocktails using VIDA tequila,
including a pretty magical Pina Colada.

So, get up there and check them out!

PinaColadaLearn more about VIDA Tequila and some of the local bartenders
that are making fantastic cocktails with this beautiful spirit. 


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