Another cocktail club is in the books!

We had a great event this month, featuring
Dented Brick Distillery‘s Antelope Island Rum!

Dented BrickTo prep for this event, the two hostesses this month, Emily and Jonda, and myself all went on a tour of the new and beautiful Dented Brick Distillery. This operation is LEGIT SERIOUS and so so impressive to see. The facility is gorgeous and Dented Brick’s still is truly a thing of beauty. It is obvious, right away, that the product coming off of that still is going to be of the highest quality.

Dented Brick

Dented Brick

Dented Brick

There are so many great things about Dented Brick. The property’s water source was an artesian well and it was situated right off Interstate 15 for easy delivery of fresh raw materials — they also pulled the bricks from the old house that used to be on the property down by hand and kept them all – even the dented ones. Today, they are part of the new distillery as a reminder of their mission to produce and share with the world truly craft spirits.

Dented Brick’s mission: Inside the walls we bring together the old and the new to create Spirits We Love. Spirits that start with distiller-selected fine raw materials and artesian water. Spirits produced entirely in house with no shortcuts. We promise to put our passion and commitment in every bottle and to create a community around every glass. We are innovators who maintain respect and love for tradition. Welcome to Dented Brick Distillery. We invite you to experience our Spirits.

Dented Brick
The heads, hearts, and tails
Dented Brick
Marc from Dented Brick telling us about the beautiful still

Dented BrickAfter our tour and learning all about how Antelope Island is made (and hearing what is coming NEXT!), Jonda and Emily left super prepared to create an amazing rum cocktail. And, we weren’t disappointed!

Dented Brick

Dented Brick

Sip n SeeThe Sip n’ See
featuring Antelope Island Rum

4 mint/basil leaves
5-6 thin slices of fresh ginger; peeled
2 lime slices squeezed
1 oz creme de cassis
2 oz Antelope Island Rum
Heavy shake of Bitters Lab Chard Cedar and Current
Add a splash of club soda

Combine basil and ginger and muddle in cocktail glass. Then add lime, Creme de Cassis, Antelope Island Rum, and Bitters Lab bitters to a shaker over ice. Shake and pour over ice into cocktail glass. Add a splash of soda and garnish with lime and a basil flower.

Dented Brick

Antelope Island Rum

Dented Brick

Dented Brick

Dented Brick

Emily Leah


Cocktail Club

Sip n SeeThis cocktail was all of my favorite things: boozy, complex but straight forward, full of balanced flavor, and super refreshing! Emily and Jonda worked really hard to come up with a cocktail that highlighted this amazing, smooth, delicious rum, while also introducing new flavors that worked amazingly well together. The earthy notes of the basil and mint were so great, and the tang of the ginger really brought out the best flavors in the Creme de Cassis and the Antelope Island Rum.

Dented BrickDented Brick was also amazing and provided some great giveaway prizes – so we did a bit of cocktail trivia, which was super fun! Congrats to all of the ladies who won some awesome DB merch!

McKenzieHuge thank you’s to Dented Brick and everyone there who helped make this event possible! We had so much fun doing a tour and you really should book one for yourself and some friends! Also, thank you to Jonda and Emily who really created such a delicious cocktail and were the perfect hostesses!

Dented Brick

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