Infusing spirits is a great way to add flavor — people do this at home with a base spirit, and you can also find a huge variety of infused spirits in the liquor store. However, you may have a hard time finding infused tequila. Up until now, there hasn’t really been an option for infused tequila.

Enter Soltado!

Soltado Tequila

Soltado offers the only infused anejo tequila on the market. When Soltado said they wanted to send me a bottle and have me create a cocktail — I was super interested to see what kind of flavor profile Soltado offered! I popped the bottle opened as soon as I got it and took a sniff — woah! Already, the flavors that I could smell were inciting.

Soltado is infused with serrano peppers that are locally grown near the distillery in Mexico, as well as cinnamon. This creates an incredibly intense and flavorful anejo that truly adds complexity to cocktails.

The other thing I really liked about Soltado, is that the anejo tequila is made from one of only two co-ops in Mexico and is owned by all 80 of the agave farmers in Juanacatlán, a town in the midlands of the tequila-producing state of Jalisco. These farmers select only the very best from their harvests for tequila production. As a result, the tequila is unlike any other in the world and has a specific taste profile of agave from that specific region.

It is so incredibly distinctive!

After tasting Soltado, I took a few days to think about what kind of cocktail I wanted to create. The tequila itself is spicy and intense, so I wanted to highlight that flavor, while also making sure the cocktail was balanced and not overwhelming. And I have to say, this might be one of my favorite homebar cocktails that I have ever created! The flavor was incredible — perfect for summer and easy to sip — but without losing any of that complexity that Soltado provides!

Serrano Sling

ritual & craft’s Serrano Sling, featuring Solatdo infused tequila!

Serrano Sling

1.5. oz Soltado Tequila
1.5 oz VIDA Anejo Tequlia
1.0 oz Cynar
2.0 oz pineapple coconut water
.5 oz pineapple simple syrup
(simple syrup: combine equal parts sugar and water,
pineapple chunks, cook until sugar & water combine and refrigerate)
1.0 oz fresh lime juice
2 dashes lime bitters

Add all ingredients into a shaker over ice and shake vigorously.

Pour into a rocks glass over ice and garnish with a
thin slice of jalapeno pepper, pineapple, and lime.


SoltadoThe Soltado really shines in this cocktail, but is also balanced out with the use of VIDA anejo and the Cynar. Cynar is an Italian bitters and really cuts through the heat of the Soltado. The pineapple simple syrup and coconut water add a hint of sweetness, without taking over the flavor of the Serrano peppers.

Soltado This cocktail really brings together spicy and sweet in a great way and there is so much flavor, you really get a burst of hot and sweet all at once. I truly loved it!

SoltadoSoltado isn’t quite in Utah liquor stores just yet — but it is on it’s way! ritual & craft will keep you update so that as soon as Soltado is on the shelf, YOU can get yourself a bottle and create this spicy/sweet cocktail at home!

Cheers! XO

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