Time to put a new name on your list of new joints to try in Salt Lake City!
Stanza Italian Bistro & Wine Bar is not to be missed. 

Often times, I am first introduced to a new restaurant or bar by way of a media event or soft opening. These are amazing events to attend to get an overview of what the restaurant is offering and to sample the menu. They are also a fabulous way to get new staff geared up for a grand opening and to get the run of the house in order. However, I always find that visiting any new restaurant a few weeks after opening, after things have been in running order for a bit of time, is usually the best way to get a TRUE sense of what a new restaurant is trying to accomplish and the quality of food they are serving.


What really had me excited about Stanza is the cocktail menu, which is focused on amari and vermouth selections (hence the great education courses that Main Course Management has been offering at Under Current.) You can find a whole slew of negronis on Stanza’s menu, as well as vermouth-forward cocktails to die for. It is wonderful to see, as a cocktail writer, how committed this restaurant group is to educating the Salt Lake City consumer on traditional Italian spirits. They also have an incredible wine list.

Cocktails below:

Boulevardier \\ bourbon, sweet vermouth, campari | 11


San Francisco Treat \\ rye, averna, sweet vermouth, grapefruit | 10
(this one is a favorite of mine!)

StanzaSparkling Quill \\ uncle val’s gin, sweet vermouth, campari, absinthe, bubbles | 13

StanzaRed Hook \\  rye, luxardo maraschino, punt e mes | 10


StanzaHere are just a few things off the menu that we tried. The mussels were incredible — the soffrito was outstanding. And I can’t say enough of our two main dishes. Check them out!

HOUSE BREAD \\ ricotta & local honey, or cultured butter olive oil & sea salt | 4

StanzaMUSSELS \\ calabrese sausage, sofrito, prosecco, grilled lemon | 15

StanzaARANCINI \\ fresh mozzarella, pepperonata, basil | 8


StanzaCARROT TORCHI \\ milk braised rabbit, pickled fennel, shaved carrot | 21

StanzaPEA AGNOLOTTI \\ gulf shrimp, asparagus, lemon, chive, parmesan | 23


StanzaAFFOGATO \\ assorted gelato, espresso | 7


StanzaDESSERT SPECIAL \\ cobbler style with fresh cherries

StanzaI have to say, Stanza provided me with the most beautiful food and cocktails — which produced some of my favorite photos to date. Everything tasted as good as it looked, and I am so happy that Stanza has joined our SLC food and cocktail scene. They are definitely doing everything they can to create top notch food and beverage.

Sometimes I just want to hug everyone from Main Course Management
group for giving us all of these wonderful places!

Check out Stanza Italian Bistro and Wine Bar for your next night out!

Stanza Italian Bistro & Wine Bar
454 East 300 South, Salt Lake City
CLICK HERE for reservations

 Find STANZA here on Facebook >>

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