Tea is one of my favorite ingredients for a great cocktail, no matter the season.

So, get out your cliché, hipster mason jars and let’s do this!

Blackberry Winter TeaBlackberry Winter Tea Cocktail
by ritual & craft

2 1/2 oz Dark Rum
3 oz Fresh Brewed Lemon Ginger Tea
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
4 Dashes Hella Aromatic Bitters
Blackberry Soda
Lemon & Sage Garnish

To make: First, brew your cup of tea. I only used about 5 oz to make and it brewed quickly! While your tea is brewing (3 – 5 minutes), combine dark rum, lemon juice, and bitters in a shaker with ice. Add 3 oz of your freshly brewed lemon ginger tea and shake. You’ll want a lot of ice because the warm tea will melt some, which will give your cocktail a bit more liquid — so don’t overdo it with the tea. Pour into a mason jar filled with ice, and finish up with a splash of blackberry soda. Garnish with lemon wedge and sage leaf (you could also garnish with fresh blackberries, of which I had none).

**Also try with rye or bourbon, or dark rum and brandy. I mean, basically just add whatever other delicious booze you want. 🙂 

Enjoy and dream of warmer days! 

Blackberry Winter Tea

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