The Postscript, featuring Bitters Lab
by Ritual & Craft



1.5 oz. Ransom Old Tom Gin

1.5 oz. Bitter Milk Tom Collins with Elderflower and Hops (you can pick this up at Caputo’s!)

1.5 oz Brandy

2 dashes Bitters Lab Apricot Vanilla Bitters

Splash Lemon Soda

Garnish: dried apricot and thyme

How to:

Incorporate all ingredients into your shaker, with the exception of the soda water, dried apricot, and thyme.

Shake, shake, shake Senora.

Pour into coupe or Helsinki martini glass over ice. Add a splash of lemon soda water.

Garnish with dried apricot (cut a slit and put on the rim like a lemon or lime wedge) and a sprig of fresh thyme.



The Postscript is alwayse a hit. It is super light, but definitely incorporates hearty fall flavor. The Bitters Lab Apricot Vanilla Bitters really ties together all of the flavors. Bitters are really amazing at pulling together all the complex components of a cocktail and giving you a full-balanced flavor profile…and the Apricot Vanilla bitters do this really well. These bitters also aren’t too heavy, so you can use quite a bit of them if you want to add even more apricot flavor.

Chelsea Nelson, Ritual & Craft


Ritual & Craft

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