Today, I am bringing you a classic cocktail
– straight from the 1882 Harry Johnson’s New & Improved Bartenders Manual
and whisked up by the talented Chase Worthen of Bar X.

Coffee Cocktail, Bar X

Coffee Cocktail

to make:

1 oz Cognac

1 oz Port

1/2 os Simple Syrup

Egg Yolk

topped with freshly grated nutmeg

note: the utter lack of coffee



Chase Worthen, bartender extraordinaire at Bar X, was amazing for letting me come in (outside of regular hours) so that we could talk cocktails and take some photos. Not only did Chase whip me up one amazing cocktail — he made two of his favorites. The Coffee Cocktail, I especially liked because a) there is absolutely no coffee involved, and b) because it actually does taste like a coffee concoction, perfect for Fall. Simple and perfectly velvety — the Coffee Cocktail will warm you up and make you feel loved. No really…I mean that.


And don’t fret – the other amazing concoction that Chase volunteered will be featured in a future SLC Sidecar post. For now, enjoy these beautiful photos and remember to ask Chase to shake you up a Coffee Cocktail next time you find yourself at Bar X.

Thank you, Chase — for spending a bit of your Saturday afternoon in front of the camera.


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