Today, I am bringing you a pretty perfect cocktail
from a perfectly pretty bartender – Cherie Bartleson at Trio.
Get ready to take a trip through an aromatic orchard, not soon to be forgotten.

Old Orchard Cocktail

Old Orchard Cocktail 

to make:

1 oz High West Vodka

.25 ox Yellow Chartreuse

1 oz Fresh Apple Juice

3 Dashes Peach Bitters

1 oz Sage Simple Syrup

1 Egg White

combine ingredients into shaker, adding egg white last
shake without any ice for 30 seconds (dry shake)
add ice and shake another 15 seconds

strain into a coupe and garnish with fresh sage

Old Orchard

Cherie was amazing to work with on this shoot. She had a beautiful set up prepared and was so wonderful to get to know. I could tell right away that the art of the cocktail is important to her. And, what I love about craft bartenders that work in restaurants is that they really have to work with the food menu as well — and Cherie had a lot to say about how food influences her flavors and drink program. I know most people think ‘wine’ when they enter an Italian-based restaurant, but I encourage you to check out Cherie’s cocktail menu before you do ANYTHING.

Cherie Bartleson; photo c/o Alyssa Sorenson, Salt Lake magazine
Cherie Bartleson; photo c/o Alyssa Sorenson, Salt Lake magazine

The Old Orchard cocktail is outstanding — and memorable. All of the ingredients used are fresh, and her sage simple syrup really cuts through the sweet/tart of the apple juice. There is an amazing aromatic quality to this cocktail and so you really experience it before you even take a sip. And can we talk about Yellow Chartreuse? It is one of my favorite liquors (I even like it more than it’s companion Green Chartreuse). It is so earthy and really adds a depth to this cocktail. And of course, the egg white brings all of the components together in a velvety finish. This cocktail really transports you to the middle of an apple orchard right smack in the middle of a beautiful Fall day.

Thank you, Cherie, for sharing this cocktail with me! I see more cocktail drinking in our future.

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