I mean, I’ll be honest, Halloween really isn’t my thing.

Don’t hate — it is just who I am.

But, I am never going to pass up sugar skull cocktail glasses and the opportunity to create a new cocktail. Also, I purchased this BEAUTIFUL bottle of Creme de Cassis in Paris a few months back and have been waiting to use it for something perfect. If you don’t know, quality Creme de Cassis is deep blood red/purple – just the thing for your ghoulish imbibing. And with gin, black tea, and lemon – this is also just a really great fall cocktail in general.

So, for all of you who are about to party the fall evenings away, here is a fun, festive cocktail that’s easy and delicious.

Halloween HowlHalloween Howl
by ritual & craft

2 oz Beehive Jackrabbit Gin
.5 oz Creme de Cassis
.5 oz simple syrup
juice of half a fresh lemon
3 oz black tea

combine all ingredients into a shaker with ice
shake vigorously
pour into cocktail glass a generous amount of ice
garnish with lemon and full star anise, serve with Halloween decor (wink wink)

Halloween HowlI hope you all have a Happy Halloween – be safe out there! 

Halloween Howl

Halloween HowlCHEERS, friends! XO – Chelsea

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