It’s time to toast to the Utah Opera and enter to win tickets to Verdi’s Aida!

The Utah Opera is featuring Verdi’s Aida and there are 10 local cocktails on the Libretti & Libations list to try! If you get out to any of the participating establishments, snap a photo of the featured Aida cocktail, and tag #UtahOperaSips, you will be entered to win two tickets to this amazing performance! Salt Lake magazine will be choosing a winner on MARCH 16! 

This past weekend, fellow blogger and HBN Cocktail Club member, Caroline Hargraves of SLC \\ FLAKE, and I went out for our own little Utah Opera Libretti & Libations cocktail crawl. There was simply no way to hit all 10, but we made a valiant effort and made it to 4 in a few hours! It was one of the best nights! The cocktails were fabulous and it was so fun to see this connecting thread between establishments and cocktails: Aida!

Here are a few of the cocktails we tried, as well as some others
that found their way into our gullets as the evening wore on. 

Get ready for some sexy cocktails! 

FINCA: Flowers by Aida

by Natalie Hamilton

Ransom Old Tom Gin, Lillet Blanc, lemongrass syrup,
orange bitters, hibiscus ice cubes.

“Ice cubes with hibiscus water so as the ice
melts, this “hidden” ingredient mixes into the cocktail.
This cocktail is all about hidden love.”

Finca Libretti & Libations


MAXWELL’S: Aida’s Conundrum

by Darin Bybee

High West Double Rye Whiskey muddled with fresh orange and
cherries finished with bitters and a hint of sweet Egyptian spices.

“As Aida is troubled with her love for her country and Radames she feels many emotions. The strength she needs to endure this conundrum is represented in
the Double Rye Whiskey. The final love she shares in the dark vault is represented by the soft and elegant finish. This is how she feels as she dies in her true loves arms.”




BY Amy Eldredge

Lemon, Strega Liqueur, Maraschino liqueur, rye, cardamom bitters, grapefruit twist.

“The inspiration for ’Egyptian Escape’ stems from the escape scene in ‘Aida’ where she and her father Amonasro flee through the secret tunnel. I chose the flavors of this cocktail based on Ethiopian/Egyptian cuisine. Strega is a saffron flavored liqueur, and cardamom is apopular spice used in that region as well. The cocktail is bitter-sweet, much like the love between Aida and Radames.”

Under Current

Under Current


by Bijan Ghiai

Ransom Dry Gin, Aperol, Lillet Blanc, Dashes Fee Brothers Lavender Bitters.

“This cocktail plays on the Jewel of the Nile” Egyptian-related theme. I have always had an affair with using Aperol and Gin. It reminded me of Aida and Radames’ relationship, how well they truly complement each other. Combined they create a beautiful and unique flavor and more importantly, statement. This bright colored drink represents our Sun and ancient Egypt.”



Utah Opera is hosting the first Libretti & Libations Cocktail Crawl THIS WEEKEND and they are hoping to hit 8 cocktails! So, get your water bottle and running shoes and try to make this sure-to-be fun event! (Did I mention to bring water? Cause that’s a lot of cocktails.). 🙂

Facebook Event Libretti & Libations

Aida starts on March 12, so click below to find out more and make sure to get
entered to win tickets by using hashtag #UtahOperaSips


For more photos from our Libretti & Libations Cocktail Crawl,
check out Heartbeat Nosh on Facebook and Instagram

Utah Opera

Salt Lake Mag

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